Sole Apparel

Sole Apparel was always a backstage kind of company until we outfitted them with an identity system that connected fans to the musicians they loved.




Help a startup clothing and promotional company geared towards musicians, reach more artists and position itself for growth. 


An identity system that demonstrates scalability, evolution and consistency, making it easy to manage as the company matures.

Ghetto Blasters & Switchblades/CVLT NATION

Ghetto Blasters & Switchblades/CVLT NATION



Sole Apparel is the kind of company that makes you smile. The owner is a humble, generous guy who believes so whole-heartedly in what they do, he’s willing to give up a piece of himself so that his customers can be all of who they are. They create distinctive clothing and promotional items for musicians and their audiences. And, they’ve always been a behind-the-scenes kind of company, finding joy in seeing their designs and products popup on stages and in music videos across the country. But with new equipment and an influx of resources, it was time for Sole Apparel to step in the spotlight. 

Having achieved small-scale success in the hip-hop world and proving out their value proposition, it was time for Sole Apparel to move beyond operations and into strategic positioning. We sat down with owner and helped refine key elements of the business model and outline opportunities in the company’s growth strategy. 

And as we worked together, we heard this down-to-earth guy, maybe too familiar with the art of hustlin’, tell us what it meant to for hard-working musicians to authentically connect with their audience. He’d seen it. He’d even done it himself. And he had a ridiculous amount of respect for what it meant to their career and their fans. 

So we created an identity system that embodied that kind of connection. The one fans implore of the indie artists they adore. A design that could stand on its own, but also be incorporated into client designs. It reflects where Sole Apparel is today and where the owner will undoubtedly take the company in the future. Sole Apparel is now ready to make some music, all of their own.

I was captivated by all facets of the DO:BETTER creative process. They not only asked the right questions, they asked the hard questions. They created something people will feel connected to.
— Verse Michaels : Sole Apparel