PITCH YPSI, a competition for entrepreneurs, exceeded its own expectations in the first year. Our job was to make sure it was positioned to do that every year. 



The Challenge.

A pitch competition matured beyond its bootstrapped roots.

The Solution.

A cohesive identity system and website that positions the event for future growth.


The Story.

Ypsilanti is a city filled with hard-working folks. It’s authentic to its roots and has an edgy vibe that blends art and business. It’s progressive and smart, and the passionate and engaged community members who live and work there go out of their way to fuel its future.

That’s one of the reasons the PITCH YPSI competition was successful in its inaugural year – the grit and sweat of the planning committee willed it to be so. They poked, posted, and asked sponsors, friends, and aspiring entrepreneurs to do their part. And, in the end, it worked… brilliantly. 

It was our job at DO:BETTER to capture that spirit and sophisticated view of the world, and create an identity system to match – one that elevated the event and positioned it to grow even further in future years.     

We paired the identity with a website where all those forces for Ypsi good could engage, where donors could invest in the future of their community, where entrepreneurs could apply for funding and where all their cheerleaders could register for the event. 

PITCH YPSI is more than a pitch competition. It’s a rally for big ideas and entrepreneurship, for community support and social good. And now, that’s visible in every aspect of who they are. 

DO:BETTER joined the PITCH YPSI team and immediately brought a level of expertise that helped move the branding and marketing of our event to the next level. They carefully listened to the vision of the event and quickly translated it into a coherent brand identity and messaging.
— Amanda Edmonds : Ypsilanti Mayor : Executive Director, Growing Hope