There are enough expert advice and inspiration articles strewn about the internet to tame even the most crippling case of self-doubt. From, "6 Success Secrets From 23-Time Gold Medalist Michael Phelps," to "What Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Other Successful Entrepreneurs Eat for Breakfast." If you google your deepest professional or creative insecurities, you're bound to find something from someone that will get you back to geeked.

With all of this motivation at our fingertips, we wondered, could we standardize advice? How do we cross-pollinate the experience, knowledge, motivations and idiosyncrasies of those who inspire?

So, we set out to ask the planet's leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators a series of four consistent questions about motivation, leadership, reflection and aspiration. Then, we added one more random question for character. To help get to our objective of standardization, we forced our subjects to answer each question with only one word. Born: Five Questions. One-Word Answers.

The project will continue to grow as we add to a collection of mind-bending answers from Aaron Draplin, the activism of Amy Kaheral and the alternative entrepreneurialism of Colt Cabana.